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The Spring Motivation Continues with More Fiddleheads.......... The Spring motivation and the Fiddleheads cannot be contained in just one post.. I wonder why this particular fern has not hit the Headlines.... so delicious, so nutritious, and yet, so LOCAL.. I guess, a lot of us are not familiar with Fiddleheads as it looks different and we dont know what to do with this. Even a few Chefs seem to be scared of this fern... No folks... This fern may look scary, but it will not eat you..... but you may eat them and enjoy the Bounty of Canada. READ MORE
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FIDDLEHEAD MUFFINS Our fiddlehead muffin is a delicious, savory muffin that would be great for breakfasts, a starch option for a lighter meal or for a snack at work. READ MORE
I have heard folks arguing over a glass of wine - What is the most romantic time of the year?? Some "love birds" argue it to be February, while the others suggest - Spring. If it is a rainy, chilly Spring day like today, then I would possibly not go with Spring, but generally it sure is.. the smell of fresh grass, the happy mood of Canadians, eagerly awating the summer, the smile on the faces of our local farmers... they sure make this season very romantic and happy. READ MORE
Hundreds of years after the pioneers, I found myself in a similar situation. While thumbing through the produce list from one of my suppliers and discovered that they offered fiddleheads. It was a bright spring morning, and as I sat in my kitchen looking at the new life all around me,  got a little carried away and ordered several packages of this herald of the season.   READ MORE
City of Toronto.... A Local Food Initiative Dear Friends and Readers, This post is a very different sort of a post that I have been doing in the past.. but I think it is really necessary to express how I feel about issues that surrounds us today.. READ MORE
Local Food - is it a Fad or a Trend?? Its been a couple of years now, that Local Food has been talked about by restauranteurs, Chefs and anybody who has anything to do with Food... to the extent of big box retailers like Walmart is talking about and carrying local home grown foods... McDonalds is talking about Local Apples as a part of their Happy Meal.. It sure has taken a flight from where it started. READ MORE
Is there something called Canadian Cuisine ? As an Executive Chef in Canada I find that whenever I travel internationally there seems to be an air of mystery around what Canadian cuisine is. Everyone has their own interpretation; some question whether we even have a cuisine. My response is always, “Of course we do”. READ MORE
Whole Grain: Quinoa Today I would like to direct the spotlight on to Whole Grain: Quinoa  Whenever we talk of Whole Grains, the first few names that comes to our mind are Bulgur, Oats etc… But as we Chefs like to say - These are Passé… The "In thing" nowadays is : Quinoa. While it isn't actually new - quinoa has been grown for thousands of years in the Peruvian Andes.... READ MORE
New Years Resolution Change… is it a good thing? Are people afraid of change? Well, most of my friends and acquaintances, I talk to, emphasizes on the fact that no one likes change…..  Is that what you think as well?? Are your acquaintances afraid of change? READ MORE
Shark Fin Soup - Is a Boycott The Answer? Recently I saw a video by Chef Gordon Ramsey, where he exposes the horrific Shark Fin industry, in an attempt to convince viewers to boycott shark fin soup. WOW !!! What an eye-opener.  Are they for real? Can humans be so inhumane to do something like that? READ MORE
Last week for the first time, I saw a fire dance. Have you ever seen the Fire dancers? They have so much passion in them, the focus that they had reminded me of a perfectly mastered kitchen. The drummers who are hard at it and giving it at the drums, are the brigade in the kitchen, where all their job is to support the Chef. READ MORE
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